Early Intervention

Welcome to the early intervention page. Here, you can learn about how we help with your child's development and refine their skills as they move close to school age.

Our Early development Groups, based at our Centre in Bingley are for babies and young children with Down syndrome aged birth to 5/6 years and their parents and carers.

The intervention uses fun activities over a two hour period to work on sitting, interacting, looking & listening skills, feeding, drinking, early number skills and speech & language development using lots of singing and signing. Babies up to 12 months are welcome to come along with their parents to chat and join in the second hour of our youngest group.

Young children aged 12 months to 5/6 years attend fortnightly on a set day with their
parents. Dates are booked termly in advance.

Once in a group you and your child can attend for up to 5 years. This includes their first

year at school, if you so wish, when school staff are encouraged to attend.We currently have ten groups catering for up to 50 children delivered by Izzi Ashman, Wendy Uttley and Margaret Southern.


Welcome to our early development group sessions which run from 10am to 12pmfortnightly on the same day throughout the school term. We kindly request a donation of £6 per session.


The sessions start promptly at 10am, and at the first session we will take a photo of your child and a photo of you. These will then be used at the start of every session to work on recognition, signing and eventually memory skills and matching skills.

Initially the sessions work on posting skills which we refer to as ‘in’. Once the children are posting we begin to work on picture matching which we refer to as ‘on’. These skills help your child work towards sorting and matching words and numbers.

We will also work on fine and gross motor skills, encouraging sitting, rocking/balance, walking, clapping, rubbing hands, pointing index finger through various fun activities, including bubbles, feathers, shakers, singing and pass the parcel.

Speech sounds are introduced one at a time and you will be given sound cards and sound books and other free resources including a ‘magic bag’, so that you can continue the fun activities we use in the sessions at home as this will really help your child.

Every session has a detailed snack time, the food and drink are provided by us, and we ask that you wait until this time to give your child a drink or snack. The foods we introduce are easy to dissolve baby crisps, baby biscuits, fruit juice/water and raisins, other finger foods and yoghurts. The children sit at a table and practice signing for food, drinking from a closed, and eventually open, spouty cup and eating finger foods. Using a spoon and straw will all be tackled as we move through the year.

Following snack time there will be time for discussion with parents on various topics: signing, speech development, hearing, eyesight, physical development, benefits, sleeping, behaviour, Numicon and early number skills and language development using the See & Learn resource. In the second year this time will be used to deliver further activities.

The session is then finished with the ‘magic bag’ a singing and signing session to work on tracking skills-following a star or spider, grabbing skills with a monkey or sausages, balance skills using ‘row, row, row your boat and other knee jogging songs.

We have a good library of books and resources on the first floor and you are welcome to borrow items for up to 3 months.

We hope you and your child enjoy your time with us and if there are any concerns you wish to discuss please just let us know. Thank you.