We are passionate about the inclusion, development and education of children and young people with Down syndrome. All of our training courses and support sessions are aimed at improving the lives of people with Down syndrome and working towards a more inclusive society

We run lots of educational, intervention and support groups at the centre giving parents and school staff the opportunity to share experiences and learn from each other. These include:

  • Speech and language group sessions for children and young people aged 5 to adult, delivered by specifically training therapists
  • Early development groups for babies and children aged 12 months to 6 years delivered be highly experienced and trained staff
  • A large range of specific training courses

Specific Training Courses.

We run a range of different Training Courses, which are in depth and affordable. They are all held on our premises, which are perfectly placed for attendees to arrive by public transport. All courses can be viewed and booked via our Training Page, but here are a few examples of what we run on a permanent basis:

  • Including children with Down syndrome - An Introduction
  • Signing for children with Down syndrome
  • Using visual resources to develop the language and communication skills of children with Down syndrome
  • Teaching children with Down syndrome and other learning difficulties basic number skills using the Numicon approach
  • ME: My body, my friends, my life – Sexuality relationships education for parents and school staff working with children and young people who have Down syndrome
  • The inclusion of children with Down syndrome - expectations of behaviour
  • Reading, language intervention for children with Down syndrome
  • Can I catch the bus? Teaching children with Down syndrome and other learning disabilities time and money skills
  • Toilet training for all ages
  • Clicker 6/7
  • School assemblies

If the cost of our training is prohibitive to attendance you are welcome to join the session for free. However we ask that you please remember us in your fundraising efforts, thank you.

We run a fantastic array of social events and activities which enable young people with Down syndrome to have fun in a safe and relaxed environment. We have a dance troupe and a youth club for all ages, to name but a few. Please see our Newsletter for more details.

For more details on up coming courses, select the relevant course from the list on the right hand side of the page. Alternatively, click here to browse all of our training courses

Resources can be purchased which support our training courses. Click here to purchase