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Reading Language Intervention PART 2 - Grading a reading book

Reading Language Intervention PART 2 - Grading a reading book




This is a six part training session recorded live over lockdown. The last two parts are together so the training is over 5 downloads.

Each video is £5 to download.


If you would like an online follow up consultation to discuss any points specific to the child you are working with please contact our office or use the link on our website under the training tab.

Consultations cost £30 per 30 minute session.


PART 1 Taking a running record. You will learn how to take a running record as a child reads. Resources to practice are included and you will have fun working out the errors and how to address these with a child.


PART 2 How to grade a book using the Hatcher Grading Scheme. This is a practical session where you will learn how to grade the books used in part 1.


PART 3 Delivering the reading strand. You will learn about steps 1, 2 and 3 of the reading strand. Reading an easy book, an instructional book and activities to teach and reinforce sight words. Step 5 of the reading strand is also covered here - introducing a new book or revisiting the book from step 3.


PART 4 Phonics – this is step 4 of the reading strand. We explore in detail how to teach phonics. An additional video on ‘phonics v sight word reading’ is also available to download.


PART 5 Delivering the language strand of the programme. Detailing the 4 steps of the language strand – introducing a word, reinforcing the meaning of the word, talking about the. word and using the word in a written sentence.


PART 6 a practical session looking at putting steps 1 to 4 in place for a chosen topic.

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