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Expectations of behaviour -part 1

Expectations of behaviour -part 1




This is a four part training session recorded live over lockdown.

Each video is £5 to download.


If you would like an online follow up consultation to discuss any points specific to the child you are working with please contact our office or use the link on our website under the training tab.

Consultations cost £30 per 30 minute session.


PART 1 The health needs of children with Down syndrome and how these may impact on behaviour

Discussing how hearing, vision, sleep and general medical and communication needs can present as unwanted behaviours.


PART 2 The learning profile of a child with Down syndrome

A detailed discussion on the strengths and weaknesses that are typical of many children with Down syndrome and how, if these are not understood, the frustrations experienced by a child may result in unwanted behaviour.


PART 3 Age appropriate behaviours and the ABC model for understanding behaviour


The first part of this video is a practical exercise working through a list of 20 skills children develop as they grow, for example, being dry through the day, catching a ball, eating with a knife and fork. As we work through the list we discuss the challenges they may present to children with Down syndrome. The second part details the ABC (antecedent, behaviour, consequences) model of behaviour through example. We use this to analyse behaviour and form a plan for a wanted behaviour.


PART 4 Case studies and summary of ideas

Several case studies are discussed in detail with reference to the ABC model of behaviour. The training finishes with a summary of methods to help promote wanted behaviour around communication.

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