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Activities for families, children and young people with Down syndrome



For brothers and sisters of a child with Down syndrome

Our siblings group runs monthly at our centre in Bingley. It is timed to coincide with our family Saturday session and is for siblings aged 6+.

We make our own snacks, decorate buns, make cheesy toasties, play board games; a firm favourite and create lots of crafts  - for example we’ve painted eco bags.

We also aim to encourage the children to  share thoughts and feelings through interactive games and a ‘worry’ box.




A monthly informal gathering for all the family

Our Saturday sessions are for families with children aged birth to around 11 years of age.
Siblings are welcome, whatever age. These meetings are usually on the 2nd Saturday of the month 10.00 until 12.00 at Bingley Methodist Church Hall, BD16 4JU
During this time we provide learning activities for the children, these include singing, signing, Numicon, magic bag, parachute, instruments and snack time.
Each month we aim to provide either an informal discussion on a relevant topic, a craft session for parents or a visitor that is both exciting and beneficial for the children.
Helpers are present to play with and mind your child giving you the chance to join in any discussions. If you have problems with getting to our meetings we can provide transport.



Our younger dance group

This is our weekly dance classes for younger children with Down syndrome aged 5 to around 12 years. These run every Saturday, 2.30 to 3.30pm at Footsteps Theatre School, Westfield Lane, Idle, BD10 8PY with Claire King.



Our youth club, Weekend is Here

The WisH Club is full of equipment - pool table, X box, large Connect 4, TV, DVD player, football table, air hockey, exercise bikes, chill out area with bean bags and comfy couches.
All members have a personal emergency evacuation plan (PEEP) in place and a care plan in place should they require support with personal care.
We work on personal targets for the young people across self care skills, friendship skills and appropriate social behaviours. The setting is an ideal place to work on these skills as it is a safe and supportive environment.
The club normally runs every Friday, 6 to 8pm for young people aged 11 to 13 years and 6pm to 10pm for teenagers upwards. Young people are welcome to bring along a friend or sibling age 11+ to the club.



Our amazing dance troupe

Weekly dance sessions take place for young people with Down syndrome aged 12+, Thursdays 6 to 7pm at Footsteps Theatre School, Idle with Claire King. 
The dancers often perform at external events.

Would you like Dance21 to perform at your function?



Developing the work skills of young people with

Down syndrome

Our ’I can work’ employment project aims to help young adults with Down syndrome gain

employability skills through direct input from ourselves and ‘real life’ work experience.

Initially each young person involved will gain experience by working at our centre for two days each week.

This work will involve specific tasks aimed at developing various work related skills.

Once ready, possibly within 6 months, we will aim to find progression into local employment or another work related scheme, for example, a Supported Internship.



We have monthly groups running at our centre

Monthly speech and language sessions take place at our Centre and need to be booked in advance. We currently have three independent therapists running group sessions and one to one sessions catering for up to 50 children and young people with Down syndrome. We also have a therapist who specialises in oral motor and feeding.

For full details see our speech and language page.

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Our five year early intervention programme.

Our Early development Groups, based at our Centre in Bingley are for babies and young children with Down syndrome aged birth to 5/6 years and their parents and carers.

The intervention uses fun activities over a two hour period to work on sitting, interacting, looking & listening skills, feeding, drinking, early number skills and speech & language development using lots of singing and signing. 

For details see our early development group page.

Get in Touch
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Wendy Scaife visits our centre once a month to offer advice, assessments and programmes of activities to help in developing fine and gross motor skills and address sensory issues experienced by many of our children.

Appointments are one to one, 45 minutes long and cost £10

(by donation).

For full details see the attached brochure.



If you would like one to one counselling please contact the office

Following funding from the People’s Postcode Lottery and Bradford CVS ABC Grant we now offer one to one counselling sessions rather than group counselling sessions with Tara Fox. Transport may be provided.

These sessions have continued online during lockdown

· Loved it. It’s made me think about me and controlling only things I can control. Not blaming myself.

· I learned to think about my actions, try to put things into better perspective. Slow down!



Specialist books and resources

We have a wide selection of relevant books and resources available for you to borrow on a monthly basis. A booklet outlining the contents of our library is available to download here.

Alternatively if you contact us we can post out a copy.



A wealth of information collected over the years.

Our parent information booklet detailing

activities, support, benefits, education and health is continuously updated and available to all families and

organisations. It brings together a wealth of information that we, as parents, have found to be of use over the years.

Copies available to download here.

Alternatively please contact us and we will post out.



These packs are sent into all local hospitals

Our new baby packs contain information on Down syndrome, our group and its services and other local and national groups. Plus lots of wonderful images of the babies we have worked with over the years.

If you need to order some packs please contact us using the link below.



We welcome volunteers to help in the delivery of our services

We have a variety of opportunities for volunteers to contribute to our work. 

  1. Early development group volunteer

  2. Volunteer administrator

  3. Youth club volunteer

  4. Family Saturday session volunteer helper

  5. Fundraising 

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