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PART 4 Can I Catch The Bus? Time and Money Skills

PART 4 Can I Catch The Bus? Time and Money Skills




This is a four part training session recorded live over lockdown.

Each video is £5 to download.


If you would like an online follow up consultation to discuss any points specific to the child you are working with please contact our office or use the link on our website under the training tab.

Consultations cost £30 per 30 minute session.


PART 1 The Challenges of Basic Number Skills

A detailed look into how we all begin to learn basic number skills and the challenges this can present to children with Down syndrome.


PART 2 Practical Ideas When Teaching Basic Number Skills 0 to 10

A detailed look at what we are delivering in our early development groups and activities to help children learn to recognise Numicon shapes and numerals, count to find ‘how many?’ and order numbers.


PART 3 Beyond 10. Practical Ideas to Teach Number Skills Beyond 10

Where do we go next? Counting in 10s, 5s and 2s, counting the ‘teen’ numbers, counting to bridge a multiple of 10, recognising and ordering 2 and 3 digit numbers, place value and addition of two digit numbers using columns.


PART 4 Can I Catch The Bus? Time and Money Skills

A detailed look at teaching money skills from recognising coins, understanding their value, paying for items, counting out £1 coins and paper money. The training follows the Money Programme which is also available to download.

The second half looks at how we teach time from understanding the passage of time, learning the days of the week right through to telling to ‘past’ and ‘to’ time in 5 minute intervals. The training follows the ‘What Time Is It?’ programme which is available to download.

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