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About us

The Down Syndrome Training & Support Service is a registered charity run by and for parents and carers of children who have Down syndrome.
We offer support and a wide range of training for all parents and professionals working and caring for children
with Down syndrome.
We currently support over 390 families and 200 organisations across health, education and social care, writing a monthly newsletter to keep everyone up to date with our services and other relevant issues in the world of Down syndrome and learning disability. 
We deliver specific training, early intervention and speech and language group sessions, employing one full time and 11 part time staff, one of whom happens to have Down syndrome. In addition over 20 volunteers help us to deliver our services, supporting families and assisting with fundraising.
We are very proud of our journey and the progress we have made over the years to improve the education, development and inclusion of children and young people who have Down syndrome.


Over 20 years of expertise

Our charity was founded by four families who had young children with Down syndrome in September 2000. It’s first support meeting for families was at Haworth Road Methodist Church Hall. In 2002 we became a registered charity and.......

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