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World Down Syndrome
Events, Support and Fundraising 

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During the month of March we celebrate our children and young people who happen to have Down syndrome. The 21st March every year is recognised internationally as a day to raise awareness of the extra chromosone on the 21st pair. People with Trisomy 21 have an extra chromosone, and so 3 chromosones, rather than 2, on the 21st making it a 'tri' rather than a pair.

Our logo features 46 yellow dots with a 47th blue one at the centre; the 47th chromosone.

Browse below and find out what we have planned to raise funds and awareness.

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1st prize - Box of Wine

2nd prize - Afternoon tea for two at Tallulah’s Wine Bar

3rd prize - Molton Brown Gift Set

4th prize - Mason and Rose Luxury Candle

5th prize - Wine and Chocolates

6th prize - Bundle of learning resources by Down Syndrome Training and Support Services

7th prize - Salt Pots £15 Potter Painting Voucher

8th prize - Large Easter Egg

9th prize - Vegan Soaps

10th prize - Bundle of Easter Goodies

BUY YOUR TICKETS HERE £1 per ticket. Draw to take place Saturday 13th April.

'Do 21 things' challenge

We are asking the families and organisations to take part in the 'do 21 things' challenge to help raise awareness and funds to help support our charity and the vast amount of support it provides for people with Down syndrome, their families and the schools and other professionals who work with them.

You could bake and sell 21 buns, set yourself a challenge - walk 21 miles, do 21 press-ups a day for 21 days, learn 21 new signs, wash up for 21 days...make 21 cups of tea!

Download your registration form here:

for schools

for families


Watch Our World Down Syndrome Video From 2021

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